Film Festival.

Alright, so I’m just going to assume
That you watch my videos on youtube.
…seeing as I don’t link my blog anywhere else.

About a week ago, I submitted a video for the FnD film festival.
Now, I knew that I would be giving myself a chance,
Mainly cuz I make comedy videos anyways.

So I made a vid.
Waited for the voting system to work.
And now that it’s working, I promoted it a bit
So now I’m #1 top rated.

This is fine and dandy and I really TRUELY appreciate everyone that has voted.
But looking at the forums on that site,
Random people think I’m cheating.
Or using the excuse of my subs.

I say NAY.
Filmmaking is about getting your material into other people’s ‘hands’.
Showing them what you got.
This is all I did.
There is no ‘1 star/0 star’ rating scheme I pulled.
And I don’t think calling my voters and votes ‘suspisicous’ is very mature either.

It’s all about promoting yourself.

Let me put it in other terms;
It’s all about promoting yourself and USING the resources that you have.

I don’t like being wrongly accused…sorry.

So I just read from one of the administrators of the film festival on a forum, that they may remove my video to give others a chance? Wait…WHAT?

I feel that even if I do get to the top 3…I won’t win. Because of all of this voting hype. 😦


One Response to “Film Festival.”

  1. cindyknowsbest Says:

    Well, that’s just dumb. I say they’re jealous and intimidated by the fact that you have a larger fan base. Hope it all turns out and you’re still in the race. (:

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