Late Night Thoughts;

I’m decided to make this more of a blog.

Here we go. So let’s first talk about youtube friends. Oh what a lovely subject. As the months pass, everyone slowly gains more friendships and kinda forms a ‘group’ or ‘clique’ on youtube. Well my original group has passed on without me…and I really try to view it from different angles. Am I just being dumb or is it really everyone else moving on? Whatever it may be, those friendships that were established 5 months ago are on it’s last dying breaths for me. With a select few people only, mind you. I’m not talking about EVERY one of my friends. I hope this isn’t all too confusing…*sigh*

One such example; I recently had a discussion about the direction youtube is headed. Started off with making videos about our friends across the world, to RACING for the most subs as possible, as quick as possible [subs, btw, really mean nothing…i talk more about it down below]. And we ended up agreeing on the same thing…which was nice. I then asked him if he wanted to be in a music video with a bunch of our other friends on youtube…to which I never got a straight answer. Kinda puzzled, i ignored what happened till tonite. That friend of mine? Yea, [blank #1] made a video asking people to be in his music video and for them to send in clips to him. His main argument: TO BRING THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY BACK? I’m thinkin…are you fer real here? Oh, I got real steamed about that. Turned into a unsubbing frenzy for me.

The other thing I wanted to mention is ‘internet fakes’. Everyone hates them…and only gullible people [like me] fall for their tricks. Almost EVERY time. You’d think I’d learn after my last 3 mistakes from myspace. It’s pretty much the same on youtube.

EXAMPLE; recently, I’ve been talking to this kid who made pretty decent vids. Just started in the middle of July and racked up a near 900+ subs now. Quite frankly, I was impressed. Till I realized what [blank #2] was doing. I was giving shout outs to this person left and right, and name dropping [blank #2] at 888 as well. But on top of this, I just now figured out I had been used. [blank #2] ignores me now…and floats in blogtv rooms telling girls AND guys that he OR she is cute. Making them look at [blank #2]’s channel and, for some reason, make them want to sub and fall in love and ect with this person. AH, it just makes me so angry what the sub system has turned out to be. Utter disappointment.

Ok, well enough from me. Time for me to saw some logs.





One Response to “Late Night Thoughts;”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I feel like I have been hearing a lot from other people about how their original youtube friends are kind of not what they thought, and have moved on. I guess that kind of thing tends to happen sometimes. Youtube is the same as real life with cliques and stuff, you can kind of tell apart the different “circles.”

    And I freaking haaaateeeee fake people. On youtube it’s soo much worse, because you know how fake they are, but soo many people have no idea and love them so much. It makes you want to shoot a cute little fuzzy animal.. (o.k. maybe not a cute fuzzy animal)

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