New Idea for Youtube

I would consider myself a ‘thinker’.
I think WAY too much for my own good.

So this so called new idea…will be tryed out;
Once I get my 888 vid up.
Among other things.

I honestly have no idea when I will start these weekly videos.
Oh god i’ve said too much :X



4 Responses to “New Idea for Youtube”

  1. Kristen Says:

    o0o0o0 I wonder what you’re weekly videos are going to be..

  2. sweatyscotty Says:

    You know those posts in blogs that confuse people and leave them wondering what you said.

    *points upwards*

    I’m guessing though that you might just…. have a new idea for youtube… maybe?

  3. n33l3sh Says:

    I saw the vid 😀

    I laughed a lot XD

    Mars isn’t like what i imagined it to be lol

  4. the head of cait Says:

    This idea sounds familiar. : )

    OH, and while on the topic of awesome psychological ponderings, here’s the site I meant to give to you at 888: .

    Lots of people have taken it and gone, “OMG, IT’S SO TRUE!” Let me know what you get so we can compare, yay!

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