The Youtube Gathering.

Well I wish it were easy to sum up in one go, but honestly, realistically this isn’t the case.
Can I also start off by saying…600+ subs in the last 5 days? WHOA NOW

Where to begin.
Oh yes, Todd arriving in Michigan.
He is HILARIOUS in person.
So glad I finally got to meet him IRL [in real life…just found out what that means tonite..]
He was really good talking to my parents.
They liked him…which I was wondering if they would or not.

The car ride was longgggg.
And I had to pee alot…meaning many rest stops
I felt bad that we kept stopping so I could go pee bu Todd didn’t seem to mind.

Upon arriving in Toronto and the Hotel
Stephen [3sixty5days], Johnny [jdm525], and Chris [crazeechef] were waiting for us outside.
Stephen was real good at talking to large groups of people he’s never met.
Johnny is a fun guy to be around.
Chris was awesome in general [even though he did leave my car door open..
I only really taped the 8th of the trip…not so much the 9th.

OMG, did I feel like I was being raped the first day at the science center.
Lots of people were coming up to me
Asking me to sign their shirt
Take a picture
Say something for them on camera
I honestly didn’t know how to handle it.
TMTH, like fer reals.

[more to come tomorrow…]



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