So here’s the thing.

I have ‘crushes’ on 2 people.
I sound like I’m in middle school again.
This is corny as hell haha

The thing is…theyre 2 completely different people.
And I really have a thing for both of them 😦




5 Responses to “Crush.”

  1. ... Says:

    Get to know both of them.
    deep inside…
    people are way worse than you thought.

    Good luck!

  2. Mig Says:

    yea what that other person said.

    plus, on a practical note, which one is farther away? hahaha


  3. soggy waffles Says:

    I know how you feel…no, not really. xD
    BBUUUTTT, just get to know them the other people said. o.o
    Then, see which one is more closer to you. good luck. :’P

  4. mad Says:

    wait it out, see who’s the last one standing.

  5. Ariel Says:

    Don’t be fickle..yeah old word I kno but trust me..
    it will only lead to more frustrations.

    just think of the reasons why you liek these people..
    and which would be better in the long run..if either of them at all.

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