12.59 AM

Yea, can’t sleep
I’ve had alot on my mind.
ALMOST deleted my youtube account.

Kinda a long story…but I’m over it, and I’ll be posting more videos throughout the week 😛

yea, it’s 1am now. cool beanz



5 Responses to “12.59 AM”

  1. Ken (onepov) Says:

    I’m glad that the feeling of deleting your account passed. I know I’ve had that feeling before and it usually simmers after a while.

  2. charliewithac Says:

    I wish parents were more understanding sometimes.
    It annoys me how they interfere with things that are important to use offspring.. kid.. things, and say we can’t do things without hearing our side of the story.
    Which is not saying that your parents didn’t hear your side of the story, but what parent DOES that anymore?
    Anyways I hope things get better for you soon. C:

  3. ayaneforever Says:

    don’t delete your YT page please– you’re so freakin hilarious and I need that funniness. I don’t wanna rely strictly on katrina– OMG IT’S A WAHH ! GO POPTART! YAYYY!!! lol that’s so great

  4. Scarlett[Simaranian] Says:

    Why did you want to delete your account…? NEVER do that, I would definitley cry.

  5. jay Says:

    Yo you got msn messenger?

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