Another blog site? *sigh*…whatever haha

BTW, I was wondering if I should take down my POPTART video. Now, before you all riot, let’s look at why I would want to.

1) I don’t own ‘poptarts’.
2) It could stop me from being partnered on Youtube.
3) It’s an old video.

Now the pros to keeping it:
1) I get comments on it everyday.
2) It’s has 20,000+ views.
3) It’s probably my most recognizable video.

Help? [comment below]




21 Responses to “whoa…”

  1. Blake Guthrie Says:

    I do think you should take it down. Even though i love it, and thats how i found out about you. Anything that may stand in the way of you becoming a partner should be removed.

  2. leana Says:

    upload it onto a secret account???

  3. CptBubbleMoose Says:

    I think you should move it to your response channel, and then partner on your main :]

  4. Martyn Says:

    If you have to take it down because of the account going for partner, why not take it down and put it up onto another account, so people are still able to view it? 🙂 – that way it doesn’t leave youtube/the community

  5. Juliannahh Says:

    Maybe you should take it down, just because it might prevent you from being partnered. But, i mean everyone loves it, erg, i can see how your frusterated[[sp?]] but i guess you could post it somewhere else? like here if you could??

    hope it helps :]
    [[iamtheJuJuBean on youtube]]

  6. Jackie Says:

    I don’t know. I don’t think anything should stop you from being partnered but Charlie has his WiiMote on his main channel but he’s a partner.

    If you do take it down, put it up somewhere else please?

  7. tyleroakley Says:

    Keep it, I think… :]

  8. tyler the creep subscriber Says:

    i think you should put it on your side account.

    okkay, i didn’t really think of it, ‘coz i saw it on your side account in my subscriber box thingy when i signed on youtube.

    i just really wanted to comment. [tuesdays in michigan rock.]

  9. StevenExists Says:

    I thought that you could still have the video, but you can’t get money for it?

  10. nicole Says:

    definately keep it.

  11. Lisa Says:

    I would say make another channel and post it on that channel

  12. Sam Says:

    Would be a good idea to move it to your response channel, technically it IS a response to…. Was it the pimp cup or the Wiimote? Anyways yeah. Whatever you think should be done.

  13. AndinoInDenial Says:

    KEEP IT! You don’t have to delete it, as long as you don’t monetize the video! It’s one of my favorite videos…

  14. Claudia Says:

    I’d leave it probably.

  15. toney Says:

    keep it.

    if you don’t get partnered just because of that vid, then just ask poptarts to pay you for advertisement.

    ily, btw XD :]

  16. Aaron Says:

    I say forget about partner program and just make the videos you like and keep the ones you think were good or enjoyed by a lot of people.

  17. creaturesthird Says:

    I like the idea of moving it to a different channel? You could always link your main page in the sidebar description thing..or whatever.

  18. Pipa Says:

    Don’t you dare. It’s so funny! I’ve already said this in a comment to your video but I think you can still have it there and be partner, you just can’t monatize it. But that’s just what I think, I have no idea..
    If it does stop you from being partner, take it down.

  19. hoolio Says:


  20. KenKen Says:

    Keep it up, it is awesome!

    your a youube partner now so it doesn’t matter.

    And we will make sure that Youtube wont take away your youtbe partnership, at any means possible =]

  21. Rachel Losco(: Says:

    dont delete.
    i freaking love your poptart video.
    it was so funny.

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