The End.

September 2, 2008

I’m over wordpress.

I like blogspot alot more.
So check me out therrrrrr





August 23, 2008

His ‘Hi’ video is it.
And he isn’t big headed.
Isn’t boasting.
He’s trying his hardest to be sincere.

I will be making my video response. tomorrow.

good nite world.



August 21, 2008

It would be nice to talk/meet some new ones.

‘Corrupt-ness’ boggles my mind.


Film Festival.

August 20, 2008

Alright, so I’m just going to assume
That you watch my videos on youtube.
…seeing as I don’t link my blog anywhere else.

About a week ago, I submitted a video for the FnD film festival.
Now, I knew that I would be giving myself a chance,
Mainly cuz I make comedy videos anyways.

So I made a vid.
Waited for the voting system to work.
And now that it’s working, I promoted it a bit
So now I’m #1 top rated.

This is fine and dandy and I really TRUELY appreciate everyone that has voted.
But looking at the forums on that site,
Random people think I’m cheating.
Or using the excuse of my subs.

I say NAY.
Filmmaking is about getting your material into other people’s ‘hands’.
Showing them what you got.
This is all I did.
There is no ‘1 star/0 star’ rating scheme I pulled.
And I don’t think calling my voters and votes ‘suspisicous’ is very mature either.

It’s all about promoting yourself.

Let me put it in other terms;
It’s all about promoting yourself and USING the resources that you have.

I don’t like being wrongly accused…sorry.

So I just read from one of the administrators of the film festival on a forum, that they may remove my video to give others a chance? Wait…WHAT?

I feel that even if I do get to the top 3…I won’t win. Because of all of this voting hype. 😦

Dear Time.

August 19, 2008

Sometimes I hate you.
Sometimes I love you.
Sometimes I take you for granted.

…And sometimes I think you’re just rubbish.

Either way, I won’t bother stopping you.
Because I’m too busy chasing after you.

Yours truely,


Late Night Thoughts;

August 16, 2008

I’m decided to make this more of a blog.

Here we go. So let’s first talk about youtube friends. Oh what a lovely subject. As the months pass, everyone slowly gains more friendships and kinda forms a ‘group’ or ‘clique’ on youtube. Well my original group has passed on without me…and I really try to view it from different angles. Am I just being dumb or is it really everyone else moving on? Whatever it may be, those friendships that were established 5 months ago are on it’s last dying breaths for me. With a select few people only, mind you. I’m not talking about EVERY one of my friends. I hope this isn’t all too confusing…*sigh*

One such example; I recently had a discussion about the direction youtube is headed. Started off with making videos about our friends across the world, to RACING for the most subs as possible, as quick as possible [subs, btw, really mean nothing…i talk more about it down below]. And we ended up agreeing on the same thing…which was nice. I then asked him if he wanted to be in a music video with a bunch of our other friends on youtube…to which I never got a straight answer. Kinda puzzled, i ignored what happened till tonite. That friend of mine? Yea, [blank #1] made a video asking people to be in his music video and for them to send in clips to him. His main argument: TO BRING THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY BACK? I’m thinkin…are you fer real here? Oh, I got real steamed about that. Turned into a unsubbing frenzy for me.

The other thing I wanted to mention is ‘internet fakes’. Everyone hates them…and only gullible people [like me] fall for their tricks. Almost EVERY time. You’d think I’d learn after my last 3 mistakes from myspace. It’s pretty much the same on youtube.

EXAMPLE; recently, I’ve been talking to this kid who made pretty decent vids. Just started in the middle of July and racked up a near 900+ subs now. Quite frankly, I was impressed. Till I realized what [blank #2] was doing. I was giving shout outs to this person left and right, and name dropping [blank #2] at 888 as well. But on top of this, I just now figured out I had been used. [blank #2] ignores me now…and floats in blogtv rooms telling girls AND guys that he OR she is cute. Making them look at [blank #2]’s channel and, for some reason, make them want to sub and fall in love and ect with this person. AH, it just makes me so angry what the sub system has turned out to be. Utter disappointment.

Ok, well enough from me. Time for me to saw some logs.



New Idea for Youtube

August 13, 2008

I would consider myself a ‘thinker’.
I think WAY too much for my own good.

So this so called new idea…will be tryed out;
Once I get my 888 vid up.
Among other things.

I honestly have no idea when I will start these weekly videos.
Oh god i’ve said too much :X


The Youtube Gathering.

August 12, 2008

Well I wish it were easy to sum up in one go, but honestly, realistically this isn’t the case.
Can I also start off by saying…600+ subs in the last 5 days? WHOA NOW

Where to begin.
Oh yes, Todd arriving in Michigan.
He is HILARIOUS in person.
So glad I finally got to meet him IRL [in real life…just found out what that means tonite..]
He was really good talking to my parents.
They liked him…which I was wondering if they would or not.

The car ride was longgggg.
And I had to pee alot…meaning many rest stops
I felt bad that we kept stopping so I could go pee bu Todd didn’t seem to mind.

Upon arriving in Toronto and the Hotel
Stephen [3sixty5days], Johnny [jdm525], and Chris [crazeechef] were waiting for us outside.
Stephen was real good at talking to large groups of people he’s never met.
Johnny is a fun guy to be around.
Chris was awesome in general [even though he did leave my car door open..
I only really taped the 8th of the trip…not so much the 9th.

OMG, did I feel like I was being raped the first day at the science center.
Lots of people were coming up to me
Asking me to sign their shirt
Take a picture
Say something for them on camera
I honestly didn’t know how to handle it.
TMTH, like fer reals.

[more to come tomorrow…]


August 7, 2008

Is it bad when EVERYTHING on the internet is POSSIBLY being seen by my parents?
It’s like I have no privacy anywhere from themmmm

But then again, the internet isn’t the BEST place for privacy haha

oh dear, the dilemma


PS: hi dad if you’re reading…heh


August 7, 2008

So I started this ‘blog’ with the intention of something to say.

I can’t remember it now?

So much has been goin on all summer.
And I’m real excited to leave for school.
I’m definetely going to miss days like today.


PS: my yt channel hasn’t been noticed like this since poptart. haha yayz 😀
PSS: Lately, I’ve been getting hints from people that maybe I sound or act a bit stuck up? I hate that 😦